Suunto Watch Review May 2024

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Time is the one commodity that we can’t afford to lose, yet it’s the one thing that we never seem to have enough of.

So yes, you don’t want to waste time going through watch reviews that reveal little and hide more. I, for one, don’t like to read biased reviews that have more fluff and less substance than cotton candy.

That’s why, when I got my hands on the latest batch of watches from the house of Suunto, I decided to go ahead and review them myself. That way, you get the chance to benefit from my experience.

With that end in mind, I tried out the lot, and the following are my observations on the watches. Being a watchmaker, I naturally get excited about timepieces, and I hope I can channel some of that enthusiasm to you as well.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Suunto Review May 2024: About The Brand

Before diving into the actual watches, I want to let you know a bit about the brand itself. Sunnto was founded over eighty years ago by Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish adventurer. Since then, the company has cultivated a heritage of adventure and exploration.

Suunto products have a long history of reliability and durability, even in the toughest of conditions. The company manufactures sports watches that are loved by athletes all over the world. After all, they deliver consistent performance, on and off the field.

Apart from watches, Suunto also manufactures products for divers and precision compasses that ensure you never get lost in the wild. Suunto also has a range of watch and adventure accessories such as heart rate belts, watch straps, and USB cables.

Suunto 9 Review May 2024

suunto 9 reviewThe first item I have for you is the Suunto 9, a multisport GPS watch that’s designed for athletes who demand nothing but the very best. With intelligent features and robust design, this is a watch that’s meant for the long haul.

Why Buy This Product?

First off, the design. Suunto 9 has been designed for professional athletes and tested by them under extreme conditions. It has been tested for thousands of hours of operation by real athletes and has proven capabilities for long-term use.

This device has three battery modes: Performance, Endurance, and Ultra. These are programmed to deliver anything between 25 to 120 hours of recording time, and that too with GPS tracking on!

The feature I was most impressed by is Suunto’s very own FusedTrack Algorithm, which fuses GPS and motion sensor data for improving track and distance accuracy. This enables to lower the GPS power, and hence save battery for those ultra-long runs.

Finally, I’d like to mention the Suunto app that has been designed to track your long term activity trends and sleep patterns. This enables the creation of a healthy lifestyle that’s curated just for you!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Without a doubt, this is a watch that has everything anyone could ask for. The only thing I missed was a built-in music player that can download and play my favorite tunes. But I guess that’d be asking for too much, right?


  • Predefined battery modes
  • FusedTrack Algorithm
  • Extremely durable build
  • Dedicated app


  • Doesn’t have a music player

Suunto 5 Review May 2024

suunto 5 reviewIf you’re looking for a watch that’s engineered to perform with every step you take, then look no further than the Suunto 5. Lightweight, fully app compatible, and with multiple monitoring capabilities, this is one of the good ones.

Why Buy This Product?

Usually, I’ve noticed that feature-packed watches tend to be heavier on the wrist, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight compactness of the Suunto 5. The device is waterproof up to 50 meters, and sports an accurate GPS tracking feature.

Its defining feature has to be the intelligent battery life, which ensures that you don’t run out of juice when you most need it. The watch allows me to change modes on the go and even has charging reminders. Talk about being smart!

While we’re on the subject of smartness, I must mention that the Suunto 5 can generate personalized training plans based on your recent activity history. Plus, it comes with eighty built-in sports modes for multiple physical activities.

Apart from the above, it even has round the clock activity tracking, which shows all physical parameters and fitness levels over seven days. This means you get complete health monitoring wherever you go.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only thing of concern that I found with it is that the display is a bit too dim for my liking. I guess that’s intended to maximize the battery life, but it’s real trouble viewing the screen under direct sunlight.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Eighty built-in sports modes
  • Up to forty hours of battery life with GPS
  • 24/7 activity tracker


  • Rather dim display

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Suunto Core Review May 2024

suunto core all black reviewDesigned to be your global companion, the Suunto Core combines the best of the great outdoors. The watch combines a compass, an altimeter, and a barometer, together with weather information for a complete outdoor experience. Perfect for unleashing the explorer in you!

Why Buy This Product?

To tell you the truth, I’m not much of an adventurous guy, being a family man and all. But even I was enticed to head out for the great outdoors with this ticker on my wrist. Complete with an all-black military design, this is a watch every man needs to possess.

The watch has built-in weather and solar tracking for providing the user with complete outdoor information. The weather trend graph shows me what I can expect in an area, and the storm alarm helps me stay safe and plan my activities.

What’s more, the watch is available in multiple designs and variations, which means there’s undoubtedly a Suunto Core out there with your name on it. In short, a watch to reckon with.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Two things, despite the excellent feature set. I’ve found the battery life on this timepiece to be less than perfect for long-term use. Plus, the wristbands are a bit flimsy and may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.


  • Complete outdoor feature-set
  • Preset sunrise/sunset times
  • Weather indicator
  • Intelligent storm sense alarm


  • Less-than-impressive battery life
  • Flimsy wristband

Suunto Traverse Alpha Review May 2024

suunto traverse alpha reviewWe’re finally on the last item on my list, and I’m glad to say that this is certainly not the least of the lot. The Suunto Traverse Alpha sports a full set of outdoor features that can help you with your adventures in the wild. Whether you’re a patient angler or an intrepid hunter, this is a watch that can help you keep up with the times.

Why Buy This Product?

When I buy a watch, I take extra care to make sure that it’s a rugged one, as this ensures long-term usability. I guess that’s why I was taken by the knurled stainless-steel design, water-repellent nylon strap and sapphire crystal glass window of this watch.

The GPS/GLONASS feature on this timepiece is a unique one, as it comes with an automatic shot detection technology. This keeps track of where and when you shoot so that you can get to the location if required later.

Plus, in case of adventures in the wilderness, the watch has an automatic breadcrumb trail that helps you find your way back. If you’re dependent on the lunar phases for your hunting and fishing, then it has a location-based moon phase calendar that can help out.

Finally, I was glad to learn that all Traverse Alpha pieces are handmade in Finland; this carries with it the promise of Finnish precision.  Plus, the rechargeable Li-ion battery gives a 14-days battery life, which is more than enough for regular timekeeping.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only pain point I faced with this model is that it doesn’t change time zones automatically. This means the user has to make the adjustments manually. Also, GPS acquisition is a bit slow.


  • Sapphire crystal lens
  • Red backlight for night use
  • Multiple battery modes
  • GPS/GLONASS support


  • Time zones must be changed automatically
  • GPS acquisition is a bit tardy


And we’re done! I hope you enjoyed going through my selection of the best Suunto watches. Before I leave, I’d like to let you know, from personal experience, that each one of these watches has something unique to offer the user.

So, based on your needs, select the one that you prefer. And remember, a watch is not merely a timekeeping instrument. Instead, it’s a device that helps you be in step with the world. So take your time, and choose well.

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