Daniel Wellington Watch Review Jul 2024 – A Subtle Sense of Elegance

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In today’s ever-growing popularity for smartwatches, the more traditional designs have taken the backseat on more than one occasion when it comes to customer needs and demands.

So, more and more classical timepiece based companies are either switching over to the digital trend or going out of business altogether.

And there were very few companies who held onto their cultural roots and created practical timepieces that boasted minimalist features over anything else. Daniel Wellington is one of them.

Founded by Filip Tysander and Daniel Wellington almost a decade ago, the Daniel Wellington watch manufacturing brand tries to imbue a sense of subtle elegance with every design.

For some time now, I have grown fond of some of their more recent models, and today I would like to take the chance to talk to my readers about them.

Daniel Wellington Review Jul 2024: What sets it apart from the rest of its competition?

daniel wellington reviewEver since their inception back in 2006, DW (Daniel Wellington) watches have always inspired a mixed bag of opinions from critics and customers alike.

Truth be told, even I don’t believe that these watches are for everyone. They are more of an acquired taste and are primarily a fashion brand of watches towards which most serious connoisseurs will have a neutral opinion.

However, I absolutely love their collection of classical timepieces, and I find them to be different from the rest of their competitors in three particular areas:


When it comes to the best in practicality and minimalistic design, not many watch manufacturers will be able to compete with the DW models. These timepieces are all about offering each user that subtle sense of elegance without being too hefty and obnoxiously loud, which many of its competitors tend to incline towards.

Thin Design

Most fashion watches generally go for larger dials which feel substantially heavier on the wrists. But the DW watches don’t follow that trend at all. The models are designed to be very thin and light and when accompanied by the NATO strap, one can hardly remember wearing a watch when they have it on.

The Best in Watch Movement

DW doesn’t make any compromises on their watch designs, may it be for their lower models or the high-end ones. Each DW model is equipped with a quartz movement that boasts both performance and value for money at the same time.

The Design of Daniel Wellington Watches

Most of the DW watches come with either a polished steel case or a rose-gold colored case, which may not actually be real gold in most of the models.

The brand primarily offers five different sizes throughout all of their timepieces, generally ranging from 26 mm to the largest 40 mm. They look quite plain, boasting a traditional style and minimalist features, sporting a subtle elegance and class.

DW’s trademark stylistic feature lies in the all-white dial; it has slim lines that mark the numerals, while the hands of the watch are kept undersized compared to the dial design.

After the dial, the strap is perhaps the most iconic aspect of the DW line-up. Their NATO straps come in several different color options to choose from, which you can then customize to your liking and personalize the timepiece the way you want.

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Where are the watches manufactured?

Most of the manufacturing of Daniel Wellington watches are based out of China. Though the initial movement components are made in Japan by Miyota, the remainder of the watch components are created and assembled in Shenzhen, which is a Chinese manufacturing hub.

DW chooses Japan for its movement construction because of Miyota’s history in making very reliable products at very affordable pricing. They have been the go-to movement manufacturers for a lot of watch companies who produce watches in the APAC region.

For the DW timepieces, the battery and the vibrating crystal are the ones that basically keep the time, and this is one of the most apparent trademarks of the Miyota movement.

Where do the Daniel Wellington watches disappoint?

daniel wellington watch reviewOne of the major gripes that customers have with the DW models is with their price. Sure, these watches are relatively pocket-friendly compared to the rest of its competition, but these designs are equally much cheaper to make.

Because of the minimalistic design and the low-cost Miyota movement, these watches are practically inexpensive. Hence, even though affordable in comparison, a lot of customers feel that these watches are quite overpriced.

They hardly possess any additional features which have nothing to do with telling time. The basic philosophy behind these watches is that they should be able to tell the time, and that is all.

They are not meant to be smart or digital watches, but rather the more traditional wear that brings back the age-old classical designs.

Additionally, there is one personal issue that I do face with the DW watches, and that is with the crown. I find the crown to be extremely small, and from time to time it gets quite difficult for me to even tell if I was able to pull it out properly when I needed to change the time.

Conclusion: Should you go for a Daniel Wellington watch?

What is generally the case with the majority of the fashion timepieces is that people wear them not just because of their appeal and attractive style, but for the history they represent as well.

But Daniel Wellington is relatively new and is slowly emerging as a popular brand. So if you don’t mind sporting a watch without much of cultural background, then the DW watches will fit you perfectly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a watch that will make a bold style statement, then it’s better not to opt for the DW series. These watches are incredibly subtle and help many users express their unique sense of style in very specific ways.

So, it really does come down to personal preferences.

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