Michele Watches Review Jun 2024 – A Trusted Brand of Beautiful Chronometers for Women

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Chronometry has always brought me immense joy.

Not because of the fact that I am a watchmaker myself, but how tremendously artistic the profession could get, especially when it’s competing endlessly with different creative fields.

And one of the most spectacular forms of watchmaking can be especially witnessed in women’s watches. These are a more difficult feat to achieve, requiring strict measures to complement the feminine form elegantly.

There are but a few such brands that have been successful in achieving this difficult task beautifully. One such company is the Michele brand of watches that have established itself as one of the ruling brands of women’s chronometers and has brought diamonds into the game-play winning all hearts everywhere!

And today, I’ll be telling you all about the Michele brand of women’s watches.

Michele Review Jun 2024

Michele is one brand that has opened up a vast arena of exquisite premium watches to choose from. Not only do they look stunning in whichever way the eye catches them, but they have also proven themselves to be equally magnificent in performance and quality.

Made of the highest quality materials, these watches reflect the superior craftsmanship shown by the makers inbuilt, form and design and mainly in the glittering settings of the diamonds you get on them.

Although not a very old and recognized face, Michele has definitely carved a niche out for itself to remain a trusted brand of beautiful chronometers for women.

All about the watches

All of the watches from Michele carries the company’s signature elaborate style, set ravishingly with multiple diamonds on a mother-of-pearl textured dial.

Some of the most eclectic designs and styles from the brand are classified in different collections for you to choose from.

From classic analogs to astounding smartwatches, Michele never fails to amaze and surprise.

And some of the features that I’ve come to admire about it are:

  • Plated gold-toned and sapphire-crystal casing
  • High-shine mother-of-pearl and guilloche textured dial
  • Multiple precisely cut diamonds set on the dial or all around the bezel
  • Swiss construct having a classic Quartz movement
  • Interchangeable wristband made of plated interlinked metal; can be used for Apple smartwatches as well
  • Standard water-resistance levels in all watches

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

My experience with the brand

I first came to know about the brand from one of my colleagues who had bought one for his daughter. When I looked up the company myself, I was amazed to find a full range of such a brilliant collection of watches. One of the things that had really drawn me in right at the beginning was the design and structures of these watches.

The brand has vehemently stuck to producing a majority of the watches in a classic rectangular shape. The advantage of having this shape is that it suits any wrist type and looks immensely classy paired with literally anything you might want to wear.

I have bought two watches from Michele for my wife and daughter. And I must say, the ladies in my life have loved me more till date.

michele watches reviewThe first watch that I bought off of the brand is the Deco Desert Rose Two-Tone from the brand’s “Desert Rose” collection. I had bought this one for my wife on her 42nd birthday. This is simply a magnificent watch that looks almost like a regal-ornament on any wrist.

It possesses a soft rose-gold finish that accentuates glorious mother-of-pearl dial. The watch consists of a sapphire crystal casing that makes it incredibly scratch-resistant and durable against sudden impacts.

The two-toned stainless steel bracelet of the watch is interchangeable with any 18 mm strap from the brand.

But the ultimate winner of this entire look is the 120 set diamonds around the bezel and dial of a total weight of 0.65 ct of each diamond.

The watch consists of a Swiss Movement with a water-resistance of 5 ATM, performing pretty well under every condition.

michele hybrid watch reviewThe second watch that I got from the brand is the Deco Noir Ultimate Pave Diamond Watch from the “Noir” collection of the brand. This was a gift I got for my daughter on her graduation day.

And this is hands-down one of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen and held. The Noir collection specializes in an all-black tone and looks that looks hypnotic in its very essence when paired up with diamonds.

This particular one from Michele is a “special edition stainless-steel IP plated Deco Diamond watch”. It is set with a whopping 350 handset diamonds of 1.51 ct each on its bezel as well as spread lavishly across the black textured dial!

Similar to the Desert Rose watch, this too has an 18 mm stainless-steel interlinked metallic bracelet that has been specifically designed for the Deco collection. It is interchangeable with any 18 mm strap from Michele.

It has a crystal sapphire casing with a “Black Pave Diamond” dial and a water-resistance of 5 ATM. It is immensely durable and entirely scratch-proof in every way.

The Swiss Movement works pretty well and holds up even after a substantial period of time.

Both of these watches look timelessly beautiful and classically elegant in their diamond adornments. And, although these do not come at affordable price tags, they were enough to give my family magical moments on their special days and enough memories to last them for a lifetime.

What could have been better?

Although there are a few things amiss with the watches from this brand, it is more than a fact that these are highly expensive timepieces that aren’t exactly accessible to the wider public. However, unlike most high-end watches, Michele does give you a relatively affordable range and collection from time to time.

Yet, I would also like to state the fact that even though these watches look beautiful, there are several other brands that could give you a much more affordable deal than some of the watches from Michele.


So this was all about my experience with the Michele brand of watches. I hope I was able to provide you with any useful insight into the mechanism and specifications of the watches.

And I sincerely wish that you may end up with nothing but the best deal that’s out there!

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