Citizen Watches Review Jul 2024 – Leading Manufacturer of Hi-Tech Watches

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To design a watch is to fuse all elements of art with the watchmaker’s skills and knowledge, in depicting the mechanism of time itself.

Not only is the art of watchmaking ancient and awe-inspiring to begin with, but the recent developments in this department have also heralded an age of state-of-the-art technology and breathtaking designs.

Yet, we can take the time to stop reeling and marvel at how far our familiar and friendly watch brands have come to change the game of the traditional watches.

Some of these we know and trust, and some others we’re yet to discover. Brands like these have sincerely stuck with us through good times and bad ones, and have come to be a part of our unique personality.

One such brand is Citizen. Although a part of the world might not recognize it, this is one watch brand that has survived the onslaught of time, changing well with the newer developments, yet never losing its identity and delivering nothing short of the best.

Hello, I’m Raymond Coger, and I’m a watchmaker. I have a knack for the newer and better in the field, and I like turning my experiences with them into useful reviews for others. And today I’ll be telling you all about the Citizen watches.

About Citizen

Founded in 1918 by the name of Shokosha Watch Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan, the Citizen Watch Company was one of the very first brands which had a widely democratic approach than focusing on the elite alone.

Citizen is also known to be one of the earliest brands to up the game in the watchmaking league by involving advanced and superior technologies, and is recognized throughout the world as one of the leading manufacturers of hi-tech watches.

Standout features of the Citizen watches


Citizen watches are known to possess some of the slimmest and sleekest LCD designs. The company is also one of the first ones to have come up with the voice-recognition and the electronic depth sensor features for their watches.

This undoubtedly solidifies the company’s reputation as being one of the leaders in the field.


Citizen is one brand that has never failed to amaze the world with cutting-edge innovations. And one such great development was its Eco-Drive collection. Watches from the Eco-Drive series are powered by both natural and artificial lights. Therefore, these do not require batteries and are powered continuously by all light sources. Most of the models from this collection are manufactured in Japan and some in China.

Skyhawk A-T series

Watches from the Skyhawk A-T series can synchronize with the extremely accurate atomic watches located in Japan, North America, and Europe.


The watches come with a patented Deployment Clasp (known as a DCP) with a push button. The DCP clasp is used on leather straps as well.

Citizen watches are very popular with collectors as well. One of the series that is a common collector’s’ favorite is the Blue Angels. It is named after the oldest flying aerobatic team in the world – the Blue Angels and features its logo. This collection is mainly from the Citizen Skyhawk A-T series and includes both Eco-drive and Atomic timekeeping features.

These also include a side-ruler on the bezel that could be used to calculate time, speed, distance, and other required conversions.

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

My Experience

I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Citizen watches, since the time I was an apprentice and I’d say that this is undeniably one of my favorite watch brands.

One of the things that I admire about the brand is its vision to cater to common masses and provide them with a lineup that looks elegant and redefines personal styles.

I have quite a handful of Citizen watches that I still use, and some older versions have been given their places in my small gallery.

Out of all, I’m going to talk about two of my favorite watches from the range that I frequently use.

One of them is the Citizen Men’s AT8020-54L Blue Angels Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Dress Watch. This is a gorgeous Blue Angels round-dialed watch from the brand that’s done in a completely polished stainless steel accent. It is an Eco-Drive watch that makes it even cooler.

citizen watches reviewThe features for this one include:

  • Automated timekeeping for up to 26 world cities
  • Three chronograph subdials
  • A quartz movement system with an analog display
  • A completely anti-reflective sapphire dial window
  • Water resistance of up to 660 ft

With features like this, you couldn’t go wrong with this watch. Whether you’re just graduating or belong to a more mature demographic, this watch will give you a dignified sense of style.

The other one that I’m a real fan of is the Citizen Men’s BL5400-52A Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Sports Watch. This is another great watch that looks brilliant and performs equally well. It is also an entirely stainless steel chronometer that offers some of the best features and exterior parts.

citizen eco drive reviewIt comes with:

  • A quartz movement and Eco-Drive technology
  • Dual time options
  • A mineral crystal dial window
  • Water resistance of up to 330 ft

This is designed for regular use and suits official and formal looks as easily as casual and carefree ones. It comes with the brand’s patented clasp design, adorning every wrist.

Two other watches that you should also take a look

Citizen Nighthawk Review

citizen nighthawk reviewThe Nighthawk series from Citizen features a 41mm stainless steel case which has a lightly brushed finish around the outer bezel and the body. Overall, it has a rather rugged and aggressive feel to it. And along the three-part case construction, its unique form emphasizes much on the aviation theme and motif that it’s based on.

Two of the main features of this watch series are the GMT function and the Slide Rule Bezel. The GMT feature will allow you to represent the time of two different time zones on the dial of the watch. The Slide Rule Bezel, on the other hand,  allows complicated tracking features like converting units to indicate how long it will take to cover a particular distance, along with distance calculating divisions and multiplications.

Citizen Promaster Diver Review

citizen promaster diver reviewCitizen’s Promaster Diver series is one of the company’s latest addition to the “sporty, yet traditional outdoor wear” category.

These watches come equipped with solar charging along with hackable movements that emphasize more on providing a comfortable user experience more than anything else.

When it comes to watches, “hacking” refer to the ability to be able to pull the crown out to stop the watch from ticking. This significantly enhances the watches’ accuracy to keep time even during deep sea snorkeling, where the water pressure is high enough to shift the position of the minute and hour hands.

With up to 200m of water resistance, the watches of this series also comes with a polyurethane strap that displays dive time along with the decompression statistics. This will come quite handy for extreme water sports.

What could’ve been better?

I guess the only thing about these watches is that it can look a bit on the bulkier side on slimmer wrists, even the women’s range of watches. It does scratch on heavier impacts but won’t break or fall apart.

The clasp design on some of the models could be a bit tricky to manage and maybe a bit loose.

But overall, the company ensures a thorough revision and rectification of design flaws to bring you the best ones.


So this is my take on Citizen watches based on personal experiences with them. I hope you found this to be a helpful read and saved a lot of time otherwise wasted on looking for substantial feedback.

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