JBW Watches Review Jul 2024 – Eclectic Styles That Ideally Suits Every Personal Preference

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The world finds its essential expression in art.

And through time immemorial, time has itself been a celebrated form of expressing varied, complex emotions trapped in beautiful cases by watchmakers through centuries.

We’ve had our past vintage watch collections, and we’ve had our classic steels and chromes too. Now with the present age ushering in a glorious era that sees everything “smart” and wireless connectivities, we can only hope to keep up with the ever-changing styles and trends of today.

Magnificent watch-making of current times has successfully crafted styles that reflect a sense of identity and individuality. However, most of these brands are, unfortunately, still obscure to many.

One such brand is JBW that’s making its presence felt through a collection of stunning and innovative new designs and a fusion of different forms.

Today I shall be discussing JBW’s immensely beautiful range of chronometers.

JBW Reviews Jul 2024

jbw reviewsJBW is a range of exclusive collectors’ watches that reflects astounding craftsmanship in both form and design. With brilliant plated finishes in gold, silver, white and black metals, JBW opens up a vast arena of eclectic new styles that ideally suits every personal preference.

It has taken the conventional “trend-game” and fused it with crystals and diamonds to turn it on its head completely.

JBW watches currently sells in almost 40 countries while the brand is gaining swift momentum in spreading its roots to the rest of the world.

All about the watches

All of the watches from the brand endorse a dignified stance when it comes to styles and structure. One of the bravest things the brand has done is to blend in a touch of the vintage with the flirtatious and more liberal contemporary to bring you a fusion not quite seen in many other brands.

Some of the special features that the brand offers in its range are:

Diamonds – that’s a specialty of the brand! And you know you’re winning at the game when you can bring diamonds in it. They take all the required measures to ensure that each diamond is extracted and set with meticulous precision to bring you a premium and absolutely stunning chronometer.

Swarovski crystal textured bezels – Similar to the unmatched glamour of diamonds on your wrists, the brand also brings the everlasting sparkle of crystal dials that more than being beautiful, ensure fare durability.

Swiss watchmaking – JBW ensures “luxury quality” for the build and construction of each and every one of its watches. All of the watches are fitted with excellent water-resistant chronometric parts that adhere to all the standard criteria of specifications. The Swiss movement, ranging from uncomplicated 3-hands analogs to multiple time zones, ensures precision and longevity for every design!

18k plating – One thing that the brand does not fail in is the kind of finish that it offers on the watches. All the watches from their gold collection come with a superior 18 karats gold finish, whereas the black collection brings a stunning range of ion-plated timepieces in polished black finishes.

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

My experience with the brand

I currently own two timepieces from this brand which I had bought on two occasions. One was a self-gift on my birthday and the other one was for my wife on our 16th wedding anniversary.

Both of these watches are from the Diamond collection of the brand, and they are both analogs. They look endlessly beautiful with diamond-encrusted dials as well as classic Swiss analog movements showing the hours with dignified class.

JBW Mondrian Review

jbw watches reviewOne of these watches is the JBW Mondrian for women that I bought for my wife. It is one of the most popular from the brand as well.

The Mondrian comes with the classic Swarovski crystal bezel that the brand offers for almost all of its women watches. It is in one of the prettiest rose-gold finishes that I’ve seen on contemporary watches and suits every attire that my wife pairs it up with.

But the winning streak of this one is the 16 set awe-inspiring diamonds that are set on the hour markers around the dial. This bewitches the eye and tugs at the heart-strings which I for one am quite aware of. The center of the dial is further encrusted with crystals that all the more accentuate the ethereal and timeless beauty of the watch!

JBW Watch 562 Review

jbw watch 562 reviewThe other watch that I bought is the JBW 562 for men that comes in an 18k gold plated finish and 12 diamonds set on the hour markers. This watch truly redefines the modern and sophisticated masculine look with an ideal balance of an “underground street” style and contemporary design.

The pattern of the diamonds is repeated in crystals all around the face of a black dial that looks absolutely hypnotic when paired up with the gold tones.

The band is made of silicone with a polished buckle clap to keep the watch firm on your wrist.

Both of these watches come with a 50 m resistance to water. They are durable and complement formals and casuals alike on any occasion. Performance-wise, they are both really good with no frequent glitches whatsoever.

What could have been better?

Although these watches from JBW look exceptionally stunning in every possible way and in any situation, these are, sadly, a bit too fragile for regular or outdoor use. Some of the issues I faced with the watches are:

  • Even though the watch-dials are pretty durable, they are not entirely scratch-proof and can viciously scratch under heavy blows if not break. This is something I realized paying with experience, and that has now left a deep scratch on my 562.
  • The buckle clasp on both of the watches (since they are metallic) could be a bit tricky to manage.
  • The last thing that I wish these watches had was a greater water-resistance found in most watches in this range. At least a 100 M rating could have been expected.


So this is my review on two of the most popular and expensive watches from JBW. I hope I was able to provide you with any useful insight into the mechanisms of these watches so that you get nothing but the best deals out there!

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