Armitron Watches Review Jun 2024 – Premium Quality Metallic Accent

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Crafting a chronometer has been a timeless art in itself.

Since as long as we can remember, humanity has strived to create a better timepiece. And right now we’re in an age that is seeing some revolutionizing new ideas and features.

Sure, there are ageless brands of watches that rule over millions of hearts worldwide, but there’s been a flurry of some lesser known and newer brands that have come up with cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring designs.

One such brand is Armitron.

Brilliant in all of its designs, this brand not only brings an array of excellent features but it is also a classic blend of the traditional and futuristic to make a scorching hot statement!

Hey, this is Raymond. And I’m a watchmaker by profession who keeps a tab on what goes around and what makes its presence felt in the world of watches.

And today I’m going to tell you all about this understated brand which has recently become one of my favorites, and that too, for a good reason.

Armitron Review Jun 2024: What does the brand aim for?

Armitron was founded in 1956 by Eugene Gluck. It has striven hard to create a line of watches that rather than being influenced by other designs, seeks to accentuate the personal style of each of its wearer. This makes it a very accessible lineup that comes with a reasonable price tag and helps its users to customize a look of their own.

The target demographic is of course mainly for the younger generation, yet the look is one that blends in seamlessly with more matured preferences and accents.

All about the watches

The brand has got digital, analog, chronograph, automatic and digital-analog types of watches that have a design and style for every occasion.

Out of these, I’m mainly going to talk about two of the types that I had bought which are in the digital and analog series.

But, some of the standout features that are common to almost all of the watches are:

  • A premium quality metallic accent that holds a gorgeous dial in silver plated tonal finishes.
  • A textured dial with aluminum luminous printed bezel
  • Silver accents for both index markers and hour hands
  • Adjustable chrome and silver-plated bracelet designs for metals with a one touch two button fold-over clasp for safety.
  • Genuine leather for leather designs.
  • Exceedingly water-resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet)
  • Includes proper warranty and instructions

Armitron also offers a stunning range of Swarovski Crystal accents and Black Ceramic bracelet models. Yes, you read that right! You can avail these special collector’s designs at a significantly lower price than what other brands might offer you.

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

My Experience

As I mentioned before, I had bought 2 digital and an analog watch from this brand for myself, my wife and my son on his 20th birthday.

I have to say that I’m genuinely impressed with the brand for the kind of performance it delivered in all three instances.

armitron watches reviewThe first watch I bought was a digital sports model, the Armitron Sport 408209BLK Digital Watch.

I mainly bought this one due to the fact that it’s primarily designed for heavy and carefree outdoor usage. It is, in my opinion, one of the best from the brand having a Chinese movement system.

With a sleek and dignified gun-metal finish and black frame, this particular watch features a brilliant chronograph, military time, an even lap timer and dual time. Given the price range that it comes at, this packs quite a punch in features, form, and style.

To top it off, it offers a water resistance of up to a 100 M. Solid value for money, right?

This hard-resin cased chronometer is one of the best deals that I had got off the brand, and it really did live up to the expectation when it came to durability as well.

The second one that I got was a Swarovski Crystal Analog for my wife. It looks absolutely stunning in every way, with a light rose gold finish and pink leather band. The dial has several crystals studded on the inside. The watch hands are done in the same rose gold tones as well, set on a brushed gold accented center.

It comes with a water-resistance of up to 32 M.

armitron reviewThe third watch and also the recent one that I got was the Armitron Men’s 20/4930WTTT from the brand’s highly admired Skeleton collection. Nothing like the traditional dial in form and design, this watch gives you a full and clear view of its intricate mechanism in full action!

Now, although skeleton watches are not a rarity, they definitely belong to more higher-end categories and brands, especially when the movement is an automatic one such as what you get in this watch.

Automatic movements don’t need batteries or winding up. This watch features a 42 mm stainless steel case, about 1.6 inches in diameter and a 22 mm stainless band.

It has a mineral dial window and gives you a water resistance of up to 50 m (165 ft). It looks elegant and extravagant in every way and has become one of my son’s favorite watches, earning him quite a few compliments from his friends at college.

What could’ve been better?

Not that I could have expected Armitron to function like a Rolex or Tissot, but in its own league it does perform pretty well, apart from a few minor glitches here and there. To point some of them out:

  • The mechanism won’t take very long to slow down, and it can happen as soon as within the first 3 or 4 months
  • The finish is not scratch or chip-resistant and can get easily scraped off on high-impact collisions
  • The clasps could be loose on metal bands; a severe flaw that can hinder the sales of its metal analogs
  • The timers or laps on the digital watches can get stuck after a point of time (happened with mine but got it corrected)


So this is all about Armitron watches and my reviews based on personal experiences with a few from the lineup. I hope you found this to be a useful read and that it saves you the “time” of looking around for honest feedback regarding the brand.

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