Kenneth Cole Watches Review May 2024 – Balance Between Functionality and Design

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The ancient art of carving out the perfect chronometer was all about balance – balance in form and design, and a balance in intricacies and proportions. But, out of everything else, perfection saw itself expressed through an essential balance achieved in the overall structure, form, and functionality of the design.

This is undeniably the toughest feat to achieve in watch-making and has crushed even the most skilled craftsmen in the history of chronometry.

A brand that seems to have just the ideal balance of design and functionality going is Kenneth Cole and their lineup of watches. They also have another trait which people rarely give credit for: affordability!

And today, I’m going to tell you precisely how the company works and bring a range of fantastic watches.

Kenneth Cole Reviews May 2024: About the brand

kenneth cole reviewsSince the 1980s, Kenneth Cole has rocked the fashion world for men. The one thing that the company has got its sleeve up is the sheer caliber of keeping up with changing trends.

Although they had started off as a shoe company, their expansion to other sectors of fashion has shown immense potential, their watch line being a glaring example of it.

Kenneth Cole watches bring in the kind of balance between functionality and design that is coveted by craftsmen and chronometer-enthusiasts alike, worldwide!

And the winning point to all of it? An incredibly wallet-friendly price tag that wins millions of hearts all around!

About the watches

Something that I absolutely admire about the watches is the bare minimum look they carry. This, in my opinion, creates a very masculine and powerful air about an individual’s looks, turning all heads to the wrist.

Some of the features that I do like about it are:

  • Mesh or chain link construction with secure locking safety features
  • Durable leather straps for a laidback look
  • You also get rubber and silicone straps for more sport-oriented look and feel
  • The natural wrist movement powers automatic watches for regular wear
  • Reliable and precise quartz movement

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

My experience with the brand

kenneth cole watches reviewMy first Kenneth Cole was actually a gift from my beloved wife on my birthday the year before. And I can neither get over the beauty of the watch itself nor the fact about how well she knows my taste in watches.

It is amongst the absolutely top-rated ones of the brand and is a highly sought-after timepiece.

This is the Automatic Gold-Toned Stainless Steel Rugged Skeleton Analog Watch from Kenneth Cole. The mechanism of the watch ticking away on your wrist combined with the sheer elegance of the regal golden hue sparks up every eye with its brilliance in form and design.

I really have to say that the quartz movement on this one doesn’t fail you in any way. You do get an accurate and precise time-tracking without any significant loss on the seconds, unlike many other more expensive watches.

And the best part about this watch is that it is consistently gold-toned throughout. It comes with a 43 mm round case that fits appropriately on every wrist, large or small. The bezel, dial and even the bracelet clasp are all gold in color.

It is pretty durable and holds up well even under sudden impacts. However, it isn’t much of a scratch-proof piece. The linear markers bring in a sort of professional and industrial feel to the visage.

The only thing that could have been a tad bit better is the level of water-resistance on it. It comes with just a 30 m rating, so do watch out for the water while wearing it!

kenneth cole brand reviewThe second one that I got from Kenneth Cole is a stunningly beautiful analog watch that’s just perfect for regular wear. The Gunmetal Stainless Steel Blue Multifunction Watch from the lineup is one of the most powerful looking chronometers that I’ve ever seen in recent times.

A breathtaking gunmetal metal finish on the watch accentuates an electrifying blue dial with silver-toned details on the linear markers and hands. It also comes with a “data-display” on the right.

The three subdials give the watch a magnetically attractive effect while retaining the same color as the dial. The quartz movement was pretty much on point with no considerable loss on the seconds. The brand does make an effort to bring you a precise time-tracking mechanism that holds up even after a substantial period of wear-time.

The 44 mm watch looks simply dashing on every wrist, and this is the thing I like about it the most: it suits all ages!

However, similar to the previously mentioned model, this watch too isn’t too high on water-resistance and comes with a 30 m level to that.

What could have been better?

Although the watches are made with a lasting overall finish and are considerably durable, it sadly doesn’t make them resistant to scratches. These do scratch, and that too viciously if you’re not careful.

I also noticed a slight malfunction in the safety clasps of the watches that I own. And I did notice almost the same issue in both watches which sightly ticked me off. The safety clasps and buckles could be a bit shaky, and that just makes it prone to coming undone. And although this wasn’t a deal-breaker to me, I would still state it for you to know better.


So that was it for my review on the Kenneth Cole watches! I sincerely hope I was able to provide you with any vital insight into the workings of the brand and the mechanisms of the watches.

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