Akribos XXIV Review May 2024 – Watches With Breathtaking Style and Aplomb

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One of the hardest things that I have had to face as a watch collector is the search for fashionable and quality timepieces that won’t empty out my pockets.

When it’s the holiday season and you need to get some gifts for colleagues and distant relatives, rarely would you want to break your budget and dip into your savings.

But as recent trends go, quality primarily seems to come only at a high cost.

However, here is one brand that seems to have this consumer issue figured out. Akribos is one amazing watch company that manufactures incredible timepieces that look great but at a very affordable and competitive price.

Their watch series stay quite true to the classical forms and are very stylish with easy to read features and versatile designs.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Akribos Review May 2024: Their History

akribos watch review“Staying ahead of the fashion curve is our bread-and-butter, and our watches do it with breathtaking style and aplomb”. That is the motto you will see every time you visit their website.

Though this brand may be relatively new to the watch manufacturing scene (around 10 years), that doesn’t imply that they have failed to make an impact on the market. Akribos may not have a history dipped in rich traditional heritage like the Hamilton or the Skagen, but their models with the classic lines and elegant features have caught the hearts of many customers.

Through their designs are more traditionally inclined, the Akribos timepieces still boast a modern and sophisticated appeal, making it fit for both professional and casual wear.

But this doesn’t mean that their line-up doesn’t come with series which are fun, trendy, or even “sparkly” at times.

In recent times, Akribos has also partnered up with Swarovski to create watches that come with one of the best crystals that the market has to offer.

The secrets behind their popularity

akribos xxiv reviewThe Akribos watches are all about being a fantastic “bang for the buck”.

When I bought a few for my neighbors this Christmas, I got exactly what I paid for. All of their watches looked and felt upper entry-level which I would never hope to find on any discount retail store.

But that being said, I did not find their quality and design to be as good as some other brands like the Citizen or Seiko.

So if you are not willing to spend much on a timepiece, then the Akribos can surely be the way to go. And if you’re considering to get an Akribos for yourself and not for those nosy relatives, then let me assure you that there are merits to that as well.

The Akribos timepiece can be the perfect backup watch that will still look as attractive as your primary timepiece. A design that even though supports a traditional style, is still capable of showing off the more fun side of your personality.

For a watch line-up that supports mechanical movements, the Akribos watches seem to hold surprisingly well against a lot of its competitors in the current market.

Where are Akribos watches manufactured?

Most of the Akribos models and series are assembled in Hong Kong. Though some of their models may have a Swiss component to their name, these watches are by no means Swiss-made timepieces.

Some of their modules are produced by CItizen as well, so the components for those watches may have been taken from either Japan or China and then finally assembled in Hong Kong.

The watch cases are primarily made out of stainless steel, but the bracelets may be of a steel build, leather or nylon, depending on the design and timepiece series. The water-resistance goes up to a depth of 330 feet as well for most models.

Last updated on 2022-03-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

How customer-friendly is their warranty?

akribos reviewAll of the Akribos watches are covered by a 2-year international warranty which covers specific manufacturing issues which may arise from the craftsmanship of the model. This warranty also covers shipping damage or problems with the materials used in the build.

But for problems like water damage, damage from wear and tear, damage from everyday use, neglect or abuse, the warranty may be considered void.

For the 2-year warranty to be valid, you will have to purchase the watch from an authorized retail store. However, the 2 years are for the mechanical parts; the battery in the models are warrantied for a period of 1 year.

The watch case is not covered by the warranty, and neither is water damage unless the watch features boast water resistance.

Customers must produce the warranty card for the replacement or repair to work. This card may be available online from Amazon or be sent to you via mail from the manufacturer (I received it in the mail).

The warranty card must also be taken to the authorized service center where Akribos will also need a $15 check if a watch should require service, so as to cover the shipping and handling charges.

What are their major customer complaints?

akribos xxiv watch reviewThe majority of the customer complaints against Akribos revolve around the watches wearing out too soon, which is (something that I have experienced as well. But that being said, it’s only valid for most of the lower models and not their high-end series.

Akribos, in my experience, has one of the worst customer services as well. Their service ratings are abysmal, and their helpers take an eternity to get a watch issue fixed.

Replacement takes a very long time, and they can take up to 5 months to return it back to you in working condition if the watch needs a service. They take way too long to process issues if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an extremely pocket-friendly timepiece to gift your colleagues or use as a backup for all your professional and casual wear, then the Akribos watches are meant for you. With a fantastic stylish design and build, it’s no wonder why this manufacturer is getting more popular in recent trend.

Hope you enjoyed my Akribos watch review today.

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